Saturday, September 9, 2017

Additions: 2005 Absolute Playoff Team Tandems & Team Trios relics

I added a few more relics to the relics page that I bought on eBay last week. Nathan scanned them for me and I placed them on the page. The two newest acquisitions are for the 2005 Absolute Playoffs relics variations. The first is the 2005 Team Tandems #TT-27 (of /50) with Steve Carlton. This is my fourth copy, third of the single relics. The corners are rough with lots of white showing but I don't see these all the time.

The second addition is for the 2005 Team Trios #TT-5 (of /100) with Lee and Ordonez. This is my third copy of the dual relics. I needed this one for the pinstripe jersey.

Go here for the relics page.

The 2005 Absolute Playoffs Team Trios #TT-5 and Team Tandems #TT-27 might be my favorite Buehrle relics to collect alongside the 2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars Dress for Success #DS-15. I love the variations on the relics and searching for them.

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